Becky White grew up in Berkeley CA and New York City.  The daughter of a writer father and an activist multi-media producer mother,  Becky has written radical poems since the time she learned to hold a pen.


She began playing her first instrument, the violin, at age 5.  After years of classical training she saved up to buy her first electric guitar at age 13.  Her poetry began to weave into her music, giving her songs a timeless quality. 


Becky White has published four original CDs and has been performing her whole life. A dedicated student of music from diverse locations such as Berklee College of Music, the Ali Akbar Khan College, and gamelan masters in the jungles of Bali Indonesia,   She also studied conservation biology and wildlife ecology, which has been a major infuluence in her music and support of various causes.


Becky continues to learn and experiment with field recordings, found and created instruments, vintage guitars, pianos & synths, computers, MIDI, sitar and indian classical music, and her own voice.  She just released her latest self-produced album for her new project Firekeeper  on her label and production company M A K E A R T N O W.


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